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The Woodlands uniform allows staff a form of freedom within a set limitation of the uniform they wear at Woodlands Long Day Care & Kindergarten. This guide has been developed to help determine what's appropriate to wear and what meets the criteria.


Shop Woodlands Unfiorrms

Woodlands proudly showcase its commitment to Early Childhood Education with an expansive selection of uniforms that provide comfort, style and individuality for all Woodland educators & teachers. From a variety of fits, shapes and preferences – each uniform was crafted to express the pride in being teachers!

💰 Reimbursement of Uniform

  • New Woodlanders will use their funds to purchase their new Woodlands Uniform and be reimbursed by receiving Time In Lieu.
  • The Time In Lieu will depend on the amount that was spent.
  • The Time In Lieu must be used within three months of the date of purchasing Woodlands Unifrom.
  • A receipt will be sent to your email address to allow you to claim on your Tax Return.
  • In summary, you will receive Time In Lieu and also be able to claim the amount on your Tax Return.
  • 💬 Please Note: Existing Team members have the ability to purchase additional Woodland Uniforms.

👔 Woodlands Uniform Online Store:



Example of appropriate Woodlands Staff Uniform



Example of appropriate Woodlands Staff Uniform



✅ Woodlands Uniform Criteria

  • (Summary) - Black on the bottom half and stripes on the top or vice versa.

  • (Colours) - Black and white colours

  • (Pattern) - Black and white stripes

  • (Clothing) - Stripe dresses, black dresses, or white dresses

  • (Clothing) - Black, white or stripe pants

  • (Clothing) - Black, white, or stripe shorts 

  • (Clothing) - Black, white, or stripe skirts

  • (Foot Wear) - Closed Shoes

  • (Pants) - Black pants, jeans, black shorts, skirts

⛔ Inappropriate Clothing Includes

  • Denim Wear that's not Black or Dark

  • Branded Clothing

  • Colours that are not black, white,

  • The pattern on clothing that is not striped

  • Short shorts

  • Short skirts 

  • Thongs or open footwear

  • Hats, beanies, or scarfs that are not black or white
  • Tracksuit Pants
  • Tights 


⛔ Please Note:

Staff will be sent home to change if clothing is deemed not to match the above Woodlands Uniform Criteria determined by the Woodlands Campus Leadership Team. 

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