💪 Summary of the Woodlands Academy

We are crafting something special - a learning experience like none other for our people and teams. Here we come as one for the purpose of education and to foster an open environment where everyone can thrive. We offer invaluable opportunities throughout the year that equip teams with not just knowledge, but also valuable leadership and educational teaching skills so they may reach their full potential. We create an environment where teams thrive on knowledge unlocking unparalleled potential for success across every horizon. The Woodlands Academy is not aimed to fill your mind but rather inspire you as an individual and empower YOU


🤝 The Woodlands Academy is available to All Woodland Team Members

  • Educators
  • Kindergarten Teachers
  • Assistant Kindergarten Teachers
  • Lead Room Educators
  • Assistant Campus Managers
  • Campus Managers
  • Campus Chefs

🎓 Training Delivery

  • Depending on the course and topic will determine the delivery method, the following are the two main methods of how training will be provided/delivered 
  • Online Google Meets
  • One-on-one Training and mentoring
🎯 Purpose of the Woodlands Academy
  • Empower our teams and people to reach their full potential
  • Create a place at Woodlands where everyone loves what they do - whatever it is
  • Support our space (The Early Years Education) and pursuit self-development in which most avoid and make 100 excuses and reasons why it's too hard, too tough 

"Here we stand - Defying expectations and leaving limitations behind us. Let's remind ourselves that life doesn't have to be so complicated - all it takes is a single goal in our sights with determination as currency for what must be paid." 

  • 💬 Brian Hammett | Woodlands Chief Operating Officer
  • 💬 Tess Abdullah | Woodlands Chief of Education


🟢 View Woodlands Academy Training, Topics, & To Book In 

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