🌏 Expectations of Woodlanders Speaking Other Languages

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Woodlands strives to build a diverse team that reflects the cultural richness of our community. We strongly believe in the power of equality and respect in the workplace.

At Woodlands, we understand that employees have the right to communicate in languages other than English. We acknowledge that these conversations may occur during casual interactions or personal matters outside of job-related tasks. However, it is important to be mindful of our surroundings and the context in which we use another language to avoid making others feel excluded or isolated.

Here are the guidelines for when it is acceptable or not acceptable to speak a foreign language at Woodlands Long Day Care & Kindergarten


🌳 Woodlands Recognises That:

  • Employees have a right to speak languages other than English in the workplace.
  • Employees may wish to communicate in another language outside of performing their job duties, such as in casual conversations with co-workers or while engaged in personal matters.
  • Employees should be conscious of their surroundings and/or the circumstances in which they speak another language in the workplace to avoid feelings of exclusion or isolation by other employees.


βœ… Acceptable To Speak Another Language

  • Assisting parents or families who have limited understanding or proficiency in English.
  • Helping a child settle into their new room or classroom.
  • Helping a child settle into their new environment. 
  • Speaking on the phone to your external family members and friends or in person at the Campus. 
  • Religious prays or phrase. 
  • Certain cultural events use specific words that relate to specific events or celebrations.

❌ Not Acceptable To Speak Another Language

  • All Woodland team members should refrain from speaking another language unless it falls under the above acceptable reasons.


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