🎓Kindergarten achievement day at Woodlands

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Transitioning into primary school is a significant milestone in a child's life. As Woodlanders we understand that celebrating learning and educational achievements is a significant event in allowing children to gain a sense of accomplishment and pride.


How is Achievement celebrated at Woodlands?

Woodlands understands that it is vitally important that transitions are acknowledged and celebrated with our children. It is even more important that we are consulting with children to ensure we are doing this in a way that is meaningful for them. 


When will the Achievement day be held? How will the day run?

Achievement day will occur at your child's Woodlands centre during the first week of December. Woodlands understands the significant role of the family in the Educational development of children.


For this reason Woodlands invites all Families, Friends and Grandparents to celebrate the evening. An invitation will be sent to all families through the Woodlands communication application prior to the evening. The night will begin with a ceremony - children will be awarded their Kindergarten achievement certificate followed by performances.


What does Achievement day look like within our Educational program?

Our Early Childhood Teachers understand the significance of accomplishments and will aim to reinforce the vitality of children's milestone's within the Educational program.

Modern pedagogy suggests that children should feel that they make a difference and even small achievements should be recognised in order to condition the child to keep trying and continue learning.


Incorporate Achievement day into play:

  • Pretend play with graduation gowns, graduation caps, tassels, and diplomas
  • Set up a “stage” with chairs for the audience and for the children
  • Play “Pomp and Circumstance” so children can practice marching on/off stage
  • Make yarn or sting tassels to use as a paint brush alternative
  • Cut out graduation photos and paste/tape onto blocks for block play
  • Practice writing the words “tassel,” “diploma,” “gown,” “cap,” “graduation”
  • Provide sample diplomas for children to practice writing their names


Sing graduation songs:

Sung To: “I’m a Little Teapot”

I’m a little graduate
Dressed in _____ (color),
Wearing a gown
and a cap on my head.
When I leave preschool
I will be ____ (age)
A kindergarten student
Aren’t you proud of me?


Special Me: 

Sung To: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star“

Special, special, special me
How I wonder what I’ll be.
In this big world I can be
Anything I want to be.
Special, special, special me

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