Kindergarten Transition Statement Communications Post to Families

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Communication post to send out to Kinder families about Transition statements: 

Hello kinder parents, hoping you are all well.

It is that time of the year where our Kindergarten teachers will be starting to write transition reports for all Funded Kinder children who will be transitioning into Prep next year.


What are transition reports and why do Kindergarten teachers need to write them?


It is a kindergarten funding requirement that every child transitioning to school has a Transition Learning and Development Statement. All transition reports will be written by a Registered Kindergarten teacher and will be sent to your childโ€™s enrolled school for 2023.

The transition reports will provide an explanation of your childโ€™s development, strengths, areas for improvement - any information which will be beneficial for your Childs new teacher in 2023.

Please note: We will ensure that any information that you do not want to be passed onto your preferred school will remain confidential.

All families will receive a copy of their childโ€™s transition reports upon completion.



Step 1:

 Information required from families:

We will need to find out the name of the school that you have enrolled your child into for 2023

Please note: Kindergarten teachers will not be able to complete a transition report for your child if we have not been informed about your preferred school.

Woodlands is not required to complete transition reports for children attending a Sessional/Council Kindergarten setting. If your child attends Woodlands as well as a Sessional/Council kindergarten setting the transition reports will need to be completed by the Sessional/Council Kinder.

Please approach Kindergarten teacher Imogen or Educational Leader Mollie at Reception.

Alternatively, you may send us an email with your preferred school to:


If you have any questions about school readiness or are having difficulty in your choice of school, please also send through an email for us to assist to.  


Second year of funded Kindergarten:

If you are interested in a second year of funded Kindergarten, please approach Imogen to discuss eligibility and assessment.


Step 2:

Once our Kindergarten teachers have received the name of the school that your child will be attending, they will begin to complete the transition reports. Kindergarten teachers will begin to write Transition reports in September.


The Transition Learning and Development Statement is comprised of multiple sections:

  • Sections 1, 1.1 and 1.2 (where applicable) are completed by the kindergarten teachers.
  • Section 2 is completed by the child (with adult assistance)
  • Section 3 is completed by the family.


Completing section 2 and 3:

The reports will be emailed to Parents once they are finalised by the kindergarten teacher. Parents will receive a link to complete sections 2 and 3. Please note that once the link is emailed, Parents will only have 2 weeks to complete these sections. If the report is not completed within 2 weeks the link will expire and you will not have access to the report.

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