Families approved for child care subsidy can still receive child care subsidy (CCS) when their child is unable to attend child care for up to 42 days per financial year.

Families can get extra absence days in certain circumstances where evidence is provided.

The allowable absence count has increased to 52 days for the 2021โ€“22 and 2022โ€“23 financial years, due to COVID-19. After this period it will likely decrease back to the original 42 days per financial year.

These circumstances include:


If a family is not eligible for any additional absences and have reached this point Centrelink will not pay CCS for any absences until they reset in the new financial. 

Tip: Keep a close eye on the absence count / paid absence section of a child's government enrolment on Xplor to ensure that you can alert families as they closely reach the maximum absence count.

Absences at the start and end of enrolment

Generally, absences should occur after a child's first day and before the last physical attendance at Woodlands.

You cannot claim absences when your service is closed, except on a public holiday by law or during a period of emergency. During a period of emergency, the closure must be as a direct result of the emergency.

If a child is absent on their first or last day CCS wont pay any CCS entitlements for these days.

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