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🌏 Children's Learning Journey scrapbooks. 

The Learning Journey scrapbooks are for each individual child, and collates evidence of a children's achievements throughout the year. By having Children's learning accessible to them, is a way of ensuring Children's voices are heard and embedded respectfully, as well as it enabling children to reflect on what they are learning, through verbal and non-verbal conversations and observations with the children. 

Children's Learning Journey scrapbooks offer the opportunity for parents to see their child’s developmental progress in action and gain an understanding of what their child’s experiences are away from home, families are able to provide feedback on the Learning journey scrapbooks. 

πŸ”† How/What are they used for?

  • They will include children's art work. 
  • To empower children to take lead of their own learning and be able to reflect back. 
  • The children can create learning directly in their Learning Journey scrapbooks.
  • Supports Woodlands sustainable Philosophy to minimise the usage of paper. 
  • Children being supported to appreciate, be proud of and care for their creativity. 
  • To capture each child's learning interests. 
  • You are able to have the children's Summative Assessments in there. 

It is a way for children to engage in reflective thinking about their learning experiences, both verbally and non verbally, as well as providing the necessary evidence that supports all developmental documents that link directly to the child’s interest and goals. They can be used as a a reflective tool of children's learning that clarifies where their learning is going, what is the children creating through their interests. 

❌ What will it NOT include?

  • Pictures printed out directly from Playground.
  • An over load of written documentation- remember this is for the child.

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