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🎢  For all Campuses you are not to have first aid kits in all of the bathrooms, this will create inconsistency and a high chance of out of date products being missed.   


What to order when you are opening a new Campus:

First aid wall kits.

x 2 First aid kits on either side of the building. $150each

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Epi Pen Junior Injector

x1 per Campus per level of Campus $89ea. 

Ventolin Puffer

x1 per Campus per level of Campus $12.40ea

Allergy organiser kit.

X1 per room. $172.68ea

Module First Aid Backpack Kit.

X1 for the office. $275.00ea


How to order?

Please refer to stonly guide.


Emergency backpacks. X2 per campus. The backpack can be purchased from K-mart or BigW, a plain black one. 

What is kept in the emergency back pack?

  • Book x1
  • Campus keys
  • Snacks- rice crackers, dried fruits. 
  • Water x1 per bag
  • Mini espresso cups
  • Nappies x 5per bag
  • Wipes x1 packet.
  • Gloves x5pairs per bag
  • Spare clothes x1set (undies, top, pants, socks). 

There is a OHS checklist to follow, please ensure it is done monthly. 

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