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❌ This visual guide shows you the process of ensuring the information is in the correct places and what to look for, as well as how to credit families accounts each term.


It is essential that you are ensuring the information put onto KIMS and onto Airtable is accurate and you have gained consents from families. 

The Kindergarten Information Management System (KIMS) pre-Β­populates funding allocations for each service based on the data you put into the KIMS portal and effects the money allocated to each service. It requires services to update information as circumstances change.

Funded service providers use KIMS to:

  • Apply for kindergarten funding for children in the years before starting school
  • Apply for Early Start Kindergarten funding (ESK).
  • Leadership to update service or service provider details.
  • Educational Leader to complete mandatory data collection processes.
  • Add and update workforce information, as well as adding and updating program details
  • Educational Leader and Kinder Teachers to submit declarations of eligibility for a second year of funded kindergarten.
  • To start, re-start and end funding to a service.




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