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It is an online platform that registered users representing funded agencies (kinder 3yo + 4yo) have access to a increasing number of applications that assist them to carry out their service delivery functions and day to day dealings with the department.

The FAC website is a shared service across the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Department of Health, Department of Education and Training and the Department of Justice and Regulation (the departments). 

Tools and resources that you can access: 

  1. Service Agreement Requirements:
    It is designed to provide funded organisations with guidance on complying with their Service Agreement requirements, and also contains the applicable departmental policies that organisations must adhere to.
  2. Policies and procedures:
    Information about key policies, procedures and guidelines relating to Service Agreements.
    Incident reporting: incident management information for funded organisations and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers, including details about the Client incident management system (CIMS) and reporting privacy breaches.
  3. Data collection:
    Data collection and reporting tools for funded organisations including Service delivery tracking.
  4. Systems:
    Information on useful systems for the funded sector, including Integrated reports and information system (IRIS), the Kindergarten IT program (KIM), Client relationship information system for service providers (CRISSP) and Crisis referral information system (CRIS).
  5. Legislation:
    Links to Commonwealth and State legislation sources.
  6. Useful links: helpful information relevant to Service Agreement management.
  7. Training:
    Education and training resources on subjects such as My Agency, CRISSP, IRIS, the L17 Family violence portal and NDIS.

This portal stores and is a way that shows reports for funded activities, this is for:

  • 3yo
  • 4yo
  • ESK
  • 2nd year of Kinder finding

At the moment we are using this portal for:

  • (SAM03 Invoices) It displays all invoices paid to the organisation. Payment details are displayed at agreement, service plan, activity and commitment level.
  • (SAM02b Current funding) This link displays the current contract version of the Service Agreement, down to sub-activity level. The information is grouped by financial year, agreement, service plan, activity, commitment and then sub-activity. Rows highlighted with a light yellow background are used to indicate the most recent variations in the current agreement version.


Please see visual stonly:


Please see the DET extended written guide in the attachments below: 


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